What are your working hours

Currently, we operate during normal business hours, 9am-5pm Monday-Friday, excluding UK public holidays.

What if I have an emergency outside of normal working hours?

Raise a ticket. Our out of hours operatives will keep an eye on emergency requests outside of normal working hours.

Do you store our data on your premises?

No, your data is all stored within your own personal cloud instance, hosted within the EU to ensure compliance with the GDPR. We have access to your data in order to process it, but that data itself is never stored by us once processing has been completed.

Is there a setup fee?

Usually, no. In order to get you up and running as fast as you can, we will assist you in getting all of your current data into your new Property Management CRM as quickly as possible to ensure you do not lose out on rental income. Depending on your requirements, we also offer a service whereby we can audit all of your current tenancies when we first add them to your system, for this we do charge based on the time taken to complete the audit. This, however, is an optional service.

What is the difference between a Property and a Unit?

We bill you based on how many units you have active within the system, and a Unit is something that you can let to a tenant. This could be a whole house, a shop, or just a room within a larger shared house. As such, your rentable Units all belong to a Property. i.e. for 'Apartment 10, 1 Fake Street' the unit would be 'Apartment 10', and the Property would be '1 Fake Street', whereas if you were to let a single house out to a group at '10 Fake Street' the property would be '10 Fake Street' and the unit would be logged within your CRM as 'House' within the original Property to differentiate between the two.